Monday, March 31, 2014


Took the plunge and headed up to the wintry shores of Lake Geneva for the annual gaming convention that honors D&D's patron saint.  The venue for GC was booked up way in advance, luckily the cons overflow hotel was just down the road so things worked out fine.

Have to say it was a great con, not the largest - but very condensed with what I look for in a gaming convention.  Had some great conversations with Jeff Easley, Frank Mentzer and Steve Chenault, all very approachable and incredibly good people.

Moved on to a couple of miniature games with another nice guy, Mike Carr.  He is a focused individual during the game and kept things moving quickly.   We continued the fun with D&D Next as well as AD&D 2nd ed.  Both games had some awesome role-playing on the parts of the DMs.  Its fun when people put in the effort to make a game work, many games I wandered past had a lot of energetic role-playing going on.  At the vendor’s room I picked up some sweet loots at good prices, after haggling of course!  I will post some pics as soon as I sort them out.  Game On!

Of course the con is in the basement...Where else would you have it?


  1. You lucky dog! One of these days I will have to make the effort to go to Gary Con.
    What were your impressions of D&D5? How smooth does it play? Does it have that classic feel?

    1. I like D&D5. We were able to focus more on the story rather than mechanics which was nice. The game seems geared for low level survival, however I think once levels are gained and tougher situations encountered, characters will be better tested.

      Play was smooth even tho quite a few difficulty checks were rolled. Combat and movement was quick, more fluid than tactical. IMO 5e has blended the spirit of classic rules with some crunch from newer editions. I think it will stand on its own, rather than be compared to former editions...But then again, this is the internet so YMMV :)

      I will be getting the books when they come out later this year.

    2. Yeah, I'm inclined to get the new books too. All the signs point to it being pretty decent.