Thursday, May 24, 2012

D&D Next Playtest

I signed up to playtest D&D Next and today I received an email with a link to download the play-test packet.  Woo hoo!

Sadly, after many many MANY tries, I gave up.  Evidently they forgot to install a few more hamsters to meet the server demands.  Beware!  The Wizards forums are a rage-filled and angry place at the moment.  I recommend you go watch Sweet Genius on the Food Network instead.

1st Level Blogger

A curious inspiration unfolded late at night that fostered the need to put together a spot on the internet for my varied RPG related interests.  Even more curious is the fact that it materialized with relative ease on Blogger.  I have to admit, the interface leaves a lot to be desired, but its free and it only took a few hours of fiddling to get things up and running.

My plan is to have an all-in-one spot to park pictures, doodles, rambling posts and maybe even something creative in the form of a gaming map, module or supplement.  Enjoy your stay, keep your feet off the furniture and remember to mention the URL to your friends...Or your enemies.


Glenn Collier