Friday, July 12, 2013

Shootouts & Sammiches!

I decided to have a bit of fun with an impromptu game of Star Frontiers, mostly to re-learn the rules and become better acquainted with Roll20.  I grabbed a map off of the internet, loaded it up and had a quick combat encounter with my buddy Bob playing solo.

Our hero, Gestur Graf was enjoying downtime from work at Universal Droid Repair (a PGC company) and found himself downtown at Cortigino's Deli for lunch.  While ordering his meatball sub, a rotund woman burst in from outside.  It was none other than the notorious Mama Duke!  Local thug and synth-whiskey drinking champion, standing 5' tall and tipping the scales at around 180 kilos.  She whipped out a needler pistol and shouted around her cigar at the clerk behind the counter 'Gimme all yer credits...and a Po'Boy...To go!'.  

Deciding he was having none of this guff, Gestur quietly produced his stun-stick and decided to have a go at Ma Duke.  After all, what kind of resistance could an older, portly woman wearing a mu-mu and foot tall beehive hairdo offer?

While she was shouting at the deli clerk to not be so skimpy with the mayo and cheese, Gestur managed a perfectly placed blow to the behemoths head.  Ma Duke went down like a ton of mashed potatoes, wig flying off in the process.  In between glad handing with the clerk and offers of two free subs for helping, Gestur grabbed Ma's spiffy needler pistol.

With barely enough time to tuck the weapon in his belt, much less get his free sub, there came a strange noise from outside.  It was a rumble, similar to an elephant stampede - but it couldn't be...theirs was an extinct species and even the mechanoid replicas weren't this loud.  The source of the sound became obvious as it crashed through the deli's plexiglass door, calling out for its Mama and demanding to know where his lunch was.  Yup, Gestur had now met Mama Dukes pride and joy, the 4'tall (and almost as wide) man-child known as Lil Duke. 

Observing the chaotic situation inside the deli - Ma stunned on the floor and his sandwich nowhere in site, Lil Duke drew his own needler and began firing at random while screaming at the top of his lungs.  Surgically sharp shards flew furiously, peppering the parlor with pins.  Gestur was trapped with no way out, so he decided to return fire with his new weapon.  A lucky shot put three needles in Lil Dukes second chin!  Howling in pain, Lil gave up any ideas of payback or food and quickly ran out into the street.  Gestur had to pause a bit, wondering how that massive life-form could run so fast, wearing slippers even!

With no time to waste, Gestur pursued his large quarry outside the deli.  Local citizens couldn't help but notice the wailing Duke trundling past, needler pistol firing off at nothing and screaming 'Maaawr!  Where's mah sammich!'.  A crowd was gathering and  Gestur had to act quickly.  The last thing he needed was to be seen spraying this bawling beast with needler rounds.

The younger Duke proved to be an easy target.  His initial burst of speed lasted only 15 meters and Lil slowed to a stop, bent over and breathing heavily.  Gestur moved forward a half step and leveled the barrel of the pistol towards Lil's rotund posterior, it was an ample enough target for sure. 'Here's something for the ol' meatballs Sonnyjim!' Gestur taunted as he squeezed the trigger...A more perfect grouping could not have been wished for!  Staggering in pain, he pawing at the quills lodged in his rump as a couple of Star Rangers happened upon the scene.  Very unfortunate for Lil Duke.

Recognizing the wanted criminal, they ordered him to surrender and drop his weapon.  Rather than complying, Lil took a potshot at the rangers and was subsequently rewarded with two perfectly aimed laser blasts to his massive torso.  He would hunger no more.

Gestur couldn't believe his luck at the outcome, it would have been an all day shoot-out having only a needler to penetrate Lil Dukes thick hide.  Slipping quietly inside a nearby computer shop he watched the nosy locals pull out their vid-corders and document the clean-up, much to the annoyance of the rangers.  A vrusks soft voice greeted Gestur.  'Hello sir!  I am Ba'baahj. Welcome <click> to my store!  I hope you google what you need and <click click> may I point out <click> our sale on antique input devices?'  Cracking a smile, Gestur couldn't help but wonder about dinner...


  1. Got something for you, Jimmy John! Great fun playing this out. Can't wait to play more.

  2. My own sci-fi campaign seems woefully pedestrian now.

  3. 'Gimme all yer credits...and a Po'Boy...To go!'.

    This is just fantastic! Thanks for posting!