Saturday, June 22, 2013

Star Frontiers Love!

UPF File# AGI00134-D-11973  ***Approved For Release***

Subj AGI Corp Vessel ALTRAN STAR

Id# TSR1982 LKP Sector 98.223-1A

Status MIA Salvage|Reward 11D/1*

Request for investigation/recovery of Altran Star.  Last seen heading towards outer fringes of Sector 00-98.  Carrying a crew of 225, Altran Star was on a mission of exploration/research for AGI. The Delphi-Class ship had sent out a distress signal and reported being under attack by pirates.  Approx 200 escape pods have been recovered but fate of remaining ships crew is unknown.

AGI allocates full salvage rights but requests return of IP and data recovered from memory banks - Ref UPF Property Rights #PR2443-11D.  Additional reward for flight data computer core.

Encounters with unknown armed forces is expected to be high.  Possible Sathar involvement.

--No provisions offered for crew return--

--Salvage claims can be filed at any authorized UPF terminal--

Digi-Cap/Specs available


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