Friday, September 7, 2012

Heavy Metal

Back so soon?  Well, this latest mini is again a Ral Partha figure.  Another 3-Stage Player Character, catalog number 01-315 Fighter.  This is the 'Lord', presumably a high level dude by the looks of his plate armor and HUGE sword.  This guy is ready to charge in and kick some butt!

I wanted the armor to look like iron, worn from adventuring as well.  Since there was no fancy fluting or decorations, simple metal was the way to go.  Painted with a mixture of Vallejo Tinny Tin, Chainmail Silver and a touch of Brown, then washed a bit to accentuate certain areas.  Sword gems were painted using Apple Barrel colors with a layer of Citadel Bloodletter glaze.  Hit with dab of Citadel Gloss Varnish and the stones were complete.

Now, to do something about those bases...

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